The Website Committee's mission is to support District 6 outreach and provide information to recovering or still suffering alcoholics.

Serving the Recovering or Still Suffering Alcoholic:

The District 6 website supports recovery with the following:

provides links to meeting lists and 24-hour telephone hotlines
maintains a calendar of virtual meetings hosted by local groups
provides links to A.A. literature and meeting resources and 12-step pamphlets
maintains a calendar of local A.A. events
manages a collection of original service-related talks by experienced members.

Supporting District 6 Outreach

The website updates all District 6 committee pages to reflect their current activities. Additional support includes the following:

maintains password protected business documents
updates email addresses
includes committee meetings on the Events Calendar
provides links to service resources for D.C.M.s and G.S.R.s
recommends Search Engine Optimization for committee pages

Anonymity and Internet Guidelines

Anonymity in the Digital age poster with link to purchase at

An understanding of A.A. traditions and District current practices is important in all public facing aspects of service.

Anonymity — A Vital Spiritual Principle

Anonymity Online and Digital Media

A.A. Guidelines - Internet

Anonymity Placard

Some links displayed on this page take you to or the online bookstore at
Our links do not constitute or indicate review or affiliation.

Pending Upgrades:
Considering rebranding the committee as the Technology committee to represent additional goals and responsibilities.
Creating training materials covering in-meeting service for our virtual and hybrid meetings.
Completing an SEO presentation for an Area 15 Website Committee Intra-Quarterly meeting and inclusion here.


Recent Additions:
Added video options with captioning to the District 6 Literature Committee page.
Created a G.S.R. orientation page with a 16 minute orientation video.
Added audio recordings of our "Let's Communicate" presentations to the D.C.M. page

Interested in Helping? Committee Responsibilities:

Personal ad, lonely website developer seeking artistic eloquent detail-oriented insomniac to share the message of recovery. Must love cats

The website committee makes updates every month. Helping doesn’t require knowing how to edit web pages, though that kind of help is also welcome. Being present is enough to help keep track of details regarding District 6 business and local A.A. events including:

Approval of business documents for posting on the website
A.A. Event schedules and availability of promotional flyers
Periodically checking external links
Changes to Officer and Committee Chair emails
Stick man holding a crayon

Other skills in high demand include:

$ Writing skills

$$ Publishing design

$$$ Digital media production

$$$$ A sober sense of humor

Detailed committee responsibilities are in the Legacy of Service. Website Traffic

Website traffic increased in October due to more visits to the Literature Committee page, continued work on the website, and perhaps a bump from hosting the Area 15 Assembly.

District 6 Website Traffic in the last 13 months

Contact the District 6 Website Committee at


The primary purpose of the District 6 Website is to provide a path to recovery for suffering and recovering alcoholics seeking help and supports all district efforts to do the same. The Website Committee is responsible for making the District 6 website an increasingly more valuable resource, servicing newcomers seeking help, visitors and members seeking meeting and fellowship opportunities, increasing awareness of service opportunities, and reporting the business of our District.


The function of the District 6 Website Committee is to maintain the District 6 website, which includes maintaining accounts with service providers and updating “” email forwards as needed as well as editing and updating website content within the confines of current practice.

The purpose of the site is to act as an information center for the District 6 officers and committees, and act as a liaison for transitioning information from the General Service Office (GSO), South Florida Area 15, and the local Intergroup/Central offices in Indian River, Martin and St. Lucie Counties, which also serve the counties of Okeechobee and Glades. The District 6 website also provides Alcoholics Anonymous meeting resources and service materials, serves as an access point for communicating with District 6 trusted servants and includes a calendar of A.A. events within District 6 or directly relevant to members residing within District 6.


The Committee maintains accounts with service providers related to continuing ownership of the “” domain name, hosting the website (includes “forwarding” emails), “SSL” website security, and one professional email to be used by the District 6 Recording Secretary.

Service providers require a credit card on file. This has been provided by a member of the Website Committee but can be provided by any trusted servant. Receipts for expenses are submitted to the District 6 Treasurer for reimbursement.

The Committee maintains and updates “” forwarding email addresses for all District 6 officers and committee chairpersons. These “forwarding” email addresses allow rotating trusted servants to receive appropriate emails at their private email addresses. The Committee updates all email forwards when a new panel rotates in and maintains individual email forwards on an as needed basis.

The Committee maintains the professional email used by the recording secretary on an as needed basis by assisting in setup of the secretary computer and/or providing information related to using webmail access.

The Committee maintains and updates the content of the District 6 website, with content including the following:

Information regarding time and place of meetings and events held by District 6, it’s committees and other AA service entities as approved by motion and listed in current practice, with updates made on a monthly basis and as needed.

Links to AA service entities as approved and listed in current practice, with disclaimers that the District 6 web site is in no way affiliated external sites.

Links to AA literature with source acknowledgements as approved and listed in current practice.

Individual links to the District 6 officers and committee chairs generic email addresses; pages for all District 6 committees.

A password protected area where District 6 business documents can be downloaded, including the Monthly Agenda, Monthly Minutes, and the Treasurer's Report.

Pages for each District 6 Committee, which are updated upon request of each committee provided the request falls within Current Practice guidelines.

Regular updates are made to the Events Committee webpage on a regular basis (approximately quarterly) in order to promote the next upcoming event and to Current Practice materials whenever provided by the Current Practice Committee (at least annually).

The Committee reviews all requests for additions or changes for consistency with current practice and AA traditions. The Committee then responds with suggestions as needed.

Whenever needed, the Committee takes responsibility for maintaining an account with a provider of video meetings services and setting up meetings for District 6 and its committees. The Committee also sets up video meetings for regular AA groups that are part of District 6, upon request, in time periods not used by District 6 and further provides a calendar of video meetings held by AA groups that are part of District 6 and request inclusion, regardless of whether or not their meeting is hosted on the District 6 account.

To contact the District 6 Website Committee please email or contact the individual chairperson whose information is on the current District 6 agenda.


This page is all of the general guidelines that the committee chairpersons have in common. This page will be in the legacy of service once only and the succeeding pages will be the selective scope/procedures for each chairperson position.


The qualifications for chairperson for these committees, per resolution (# 517 02/2014). Individuals must have a minimum of two years of continuous sobriety and one year as a past or present General Service Representative GSR) in any of our ninety three (93) areas within the United States and Canada. An alternate chairperson be appointed as a member of all the District 6 standing committees. The chairperson of these committees will appoint this person pe resolution (# 603 07/2019). The alternate chairperson must meet the same requirements set by resolution as standing district committee chairpersons and be defrayed at the rate set by resolution for attending area quarterly assemblies in the absence of the committee chairperson unless otherwise defrayed. The term of the DCM is two years and generally coincides with the South Florida Area election of officers. Elections are held in even years at the November District Meeting with service to begin the following January.

There will be no waived requirements/qualifications for any of the district officers, committee chairpersons, DCMs and ACMs


All of the district standing committees are composed of a chairperson that has been elected by the District 6 body per requirement resolutions. The Current Practice Committee Chairperson position, by resolution, is automatically filled by the immediate past District 6 chairperson when willing and able to serve. If this individual is not available to serve then the Current Practice Chairperson is selected as above. The Finance Committee chairperson is appointed by the current District 6 chairperson. The Finance Committee Chairperson appoints two members from the General Service body with financial backgrounds. An alternate chairperson is appointed by the chairperson also as per requirement resolutions, Other members of the committee are DCM's, ACM's, GSR's and AGSRs. Also, anyone from any of our groups, may be a member of these committees and they do not have to be participating in general service with District 6. The Finance Committee does not utilize volunteers


These two items will be the responsibility of the current serving chairperson for evaluating the committee's business and functioning for the two year panel of service. This reflects the overall duties and activities of each service entity in District 6, Area 15. All of the currently serving District 6 Officers, Committee Chairpersons and the overall DCM Coordinator (alternate district 6 chairperson)

The following items pertain in general to all the above mentioned people

The committee holds a scheduled meeting, when necessary for members. Most communication and work distribution is done via computer

The Chairperson, or Alternate Chairperson in their stead, attends all District 6 business meetings and presents an oral report of no more than 4 minutes, providing a written copy to the Recording Secretary for inclusion in the district 6 business meeting minutes

The Chairperson, or Alternate Chairperson in their stead, attends the quarterly Area 15 committee meeting and the Area Assembly.

Receives defrayed funding, from the district treasurer, for the cost of attending the Area 15 quarterly weekends. This is usually one nights lodging at the agreed quarterly room rate. Or may receive defrayment to and from the quarterly, if they have not stayed overnight as above, at the current IRS reimbursement on mileage

Expenses incurred performing duties of this office must be submitted to the Treasurer, including items, which, you, individually, are absorbing as a contribution. These must be itemized to enable annual budgeting for the district as a whole.

All voting members of district 6, plus the chairperson (a non voter, who casts a vote only in the event to break a tie) have a right to put forth a motion to the body

All district 6 trusted servants refrain from standing on election day for the same position unless they are fulfilling an unexpired term. However after the election day is over they may stand for the same position if they so desire at any time when requests are done to fill empty positions

All District 6 officers, and committee chairpersons will provide, at the October business meeting during their report time, a description of what their position is and what has been done in the past two years This will give anybody a general idea of what each position entails in a general preview of the job description so as to let those interested make an informed decision about standing for the positions

Reviews the scope/procedure of the position listed in the Legacy of Service document and provides a notation of no changes or makes changes and submits the information to the Current Practice Committee Chairperson at the October business meeting at the two (2) year rotation time. In addition, changes needed to be added to the scope/procedure due to motions passed or committee decisions may be submitted, at any time, to the Current Practice Committee Chairperson. The Current Practice Committee Chairperson will be responsible for submitting the changes to the Legacy of Service document and to the Website Committee Chairperson for inclusion in the District 6 Website. These changes will be designed to guide the next chairperson selected for the position.

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