Literature Committee


A Chairperson that has been elected by District 6 body per requirement resolutions. Other members of the committee are DCM's, GSR's and outside AA members.


Committee and Chairperson develop ideas and methods to best accomplish the committee?s purposes of: informing groups and district members of all available Conference-approved literature, audiovisual material, and other special items; providing literature for group and district functions; as well as considering suggestions regarding proposed additions to, and changes in, Conference-approved literature and audiovisual material. Finally, the committee encourages AA members to read and purchase AA Conference-approved literature.


The committee holds quarterly meetings (minimum) to fulfill its responsibilities. Chairperson gives an oral and written report of the committee activities at the monthly District meeting. Chairperson attends the Area 15 Literature Committee meeting, where an oral and written report is also given.

The committee makes itself available to provide literature displays for group and District functions.

To contact the District 6 Literature Committee, please email:

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