Grapevine Committee

A Warm Welcome from the Grapevine Committee of District 6!

The focus of our Committee:

To renew interest in the Grapevine magazine, increasing levels of participation and discussion throughout District 6.

The grapevine magazine is a literary voice of the alcoholic. It combines thought and experience, creating a forum for new ideas. Many of these ideas impact the growth of Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole. Every alcoholic has a right to be heard and to express her or his opinions.

The Grapevine display is available for all and any home group events, committee events, social events... We will gladly consider any other ways in which we can demonstrate our love of service! Send requests to:


The Grapevine has been a part of AA since it was first published in June of 1944, just nine years after AA's beginning. Presently, interest and subscriptions are at an all time low, and the magazine is struggling to publish a new volume every month.

Many new questions are emerging concerning cost and media presentation. Here are some of the questions we may hear at upcoming assemblies: Does a printed format still work in year 2010? Should we publish on the internet exclusively? Could World Services maintain Grapevine expenses to carry the magazine through hard times if it were deemed necessary? If so, how, specifically would this be done? Can we afford to lose this international voice of AA? Can we afford to lose the paper copy that reaches jails, institutions, and loners all over the world?


Please be a part of the discussion in your home group. Leaf through some old Grapevines. Check out some of the compilations of stories and essays. Language of the Heart, Volumes I & II of Best of the Grapevine are available through your District Grapevine Committee, your Local Intergroup, or online from the Grapevine website at These pages chronicle the historic shifts in thought and focus of our fellowship for over 75 years of its lifetime.

This is your international meeting in print! Help me, your Grapevine Representative, to bring your concerns and questions to the next Area Assembly. We hope to see you as we trudge this common path of happy destiny. Till we meet ? let's keep it Purple!

In Love and Service

Your District 6 Grapevine Chairperson

© 2010 District 6